Remote Management

Global support solutions for your data processing platform.....

Expert remote management of your systems for your on-premise infrastructure.

It’s a challenge that grows more pressing every day: your mainframe workforce is aging or retiring, and it’s difficult to keep pace with hardware and software upgrades, as well as tracking licensing. Let our experts remotely manage your mainframe while it remains in your facility, reducing migration work effort and risks.

  • Retiring Workforce - The average age of mainframe workers is 55-60 according to an article in the International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology published in 2013.
  • Managing an End of Life platform - It is getting harder and harder to find experienced mainframe talent that specifically with legacy platforms. Our specialty is extending the life of mainframe platforms.
  • Getting off Mainframe - Let our staff of experts manage your mainframe so you can strategically utilize your mainframe staff to focus on the transition project.

Working with standardized tools and our proven processes and procedures, our professionals remotely and securely connect to your mainframe environment with no disruption, becoming a valuable adjunct to your IT team. 

Benefits of Remote Management Services

  • Retain ownership and control of your mainframe infrastructure and software.
  • Focus mainframe resources on your business-critical applications.
  • Access to expert resources across multiple markets.

Remote Management


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